Between catchy product names and awesome looking models, commercials do a great job of deceiving millions of people into buying their products. We asked our readers to show us what happens when corporations are forced to tell you the truth. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by LuisMedina1

We spent money on two things. Getting Brad pitt, and cocaine for the writers So, uh, buy some perfume. NS CHANEL

Entry by hagiograph

CRACKED COM Cialis tadalafil acts up to 36 hours Cialis is also indicated to treat ED and the signs and symptoms of benign prostatic

Entry by Scott Laffey

Lqla Psy Sew Magical! Sew Cute! Weekdays @ 6pm Partofthe 8hr toy commerciall block only on nickir &LR CRACKED COM

Entry by DixonUranus


Entry by McBeefy

BECAUSE MOMMY AND DADDY NEED SOME AL NE TIME. iPad go play angry birds for a while. CRACKEDCON

Entry by MelJel

Energizer CRAGKEDCONT R It keeps going, and going, and going... ...until it runs out and you need to go buy some more. Energitez Energizer 4L1S 2013 A

Entry by McBeefy

Get her home and show her your goodfella. SULSR 1800 y ER 18 - ascN CRACKED.COM Please bang responsibly

Entry by AAEngelman

RESOLUTION. CLARITY. With 33% more piels, you'll get neither. That's because we made room for yellow, the primary color God never gave you. So forget

Entry by ramirezstvn

CRACKED.COM Homeor bodrs a S HOMEOFATHC Homcopathy learn whatreal scientists think Bout homepathy Homeopathy. TV bringing yod real Iife footata homeop

Entry by McBeefy

CRACKED c COM Bulr Red Bul Somewhat safer than a cocaine habit

Entry by 404notfound

Like everything else, our dynamic steering technology has its own limitations. GLODSTROTTER GLODBETROTTERT O VOLVO CRACKED cO

Entry by tesla777


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