We all have habits we believe other people would find odd or even repulsing. But just know that while you're worried people might find out that you pick your nose and wipe it on the underside of you car seat, there are probably millions of people who do it too.

Our readers put together a list of the most ridiculous things we do when no one is looking ... that your friends probably do also. Winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Scott Laffey

1:41 SUNDAY JULY 15. 2014 Wi-Fi GPS Rotate Sync Torch Missed call 1:40 PM (312) 555-1234 Call back Message Google (312) 555-1234 GOOGN Search I'm Feel

Entry by Mgloss


Entry by AM Smiley


Entry by Tim Babb

0AT&T 11:38 PM a1 Q Cute Gid That I Work withl Cancel All People Pages Grou Cute Girl That I Work With Marketing Specinlist/Senior AcGount... a mutual

Entry by Creatris

26 Shameful Things We All Do When No One's Looking

Entry by Danzy

Pornl hub ine

Entry by gatorboymike


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