Back in the day, even if you were going down, you could at least go down saying something totally badass. But now, with the increased use of smart phones and decreased use of our mouth boxes, things just aren't the same.

We asked you to show us the less than glorious final words of famous fictional characters, as seen through their text messages.

Entry by jenpeters

ml_- Ansible 3G 6:00 AM ORACKEDCON Messages Hive Queen Edit Hey Ender! We finally figured out how to contact you. We come in peace, please don't destr

Entry by JustinBoyle

Verizon 3G 25 AM Messages Jim Edit Bastard. LOL your problem now

Entry by BEMaven

mmIl Nazinet 3G 8:23 PM Messages Arnold Toht Edit Have they opened the Ark yet, Herr Toht? Not yet, Herr Krupp. I wish Belloq would get on with this a

Entry by Paika

Verizon 3G 9:17 AM Messages Tracy Mills Edit Honey, your weird college buddy John is here and he's poking around all our stuff. Are you EVER coming ho

Entry by AM Smiley

...00 AT&T 9:47 PM 38 % Messages Bellog Contact Just opened the Ark. Nothing inside but sand. SAND!! Merde. This just blows my mind.

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