Google is great for a lot of things. But what's not great is the unfortunate way it can reveal to loved ones how screwed up your life really is.

We asked our readers to compile the most disturbing Google searches ever, gave money to the most messed up, and then realized that these were probably based on their own lives ...

Entry by Rachel P.

Google CRACKEDCON where is the forbidden forest where to find unicorn will unicorn blood grow nose working nose growth methods what to do about lack o

Entry by XanaduBlue

-Geeke Geere C HCA OT SC a hen Feconnct wk your son e D hew te get yourson te chocse the dedke gile Google CAt D how to wl oungan D how to ptevent you

Entry by AugustusDoom

CRACKEDCON 4Fred_F Gmail Im Google How 0 How do I get my best friend to swap wives + Barney_R Gmail Ima Google How Howdo I get my best friend to swap

Entry by AprilPi

CRACKEDCON +Jack Gmail Images n Share Google al 0 all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy alienating yourself from society alcohol recipes from scr

Entry by Scott Laffey

CRACKEDCON +Shia Gmail Images n Share Google Pla 0 Playing possum Plagiarize a plagiarism apology Plagiarism apology Plagiarism consequences Plagiariz

Entry by Tim Babb

Goo s superman superman is the best supermanfan fic superman batman shipping Press Enter 10 search

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