The 18 Most Incriminating Google Search Histories Possible


Google is great for a lot of things. But what's not great is the unfortunate way it can reveal to loved ones how screwed up your life really is.

We asked our readers to compile the most disturbing Google searches ever, gave money to the most messed up, and then realized that these were probably based on their own lives ...

Entry by Danzy

Google 733 K Adecget Adete why Lanouse why subgervient to humans am I superior to humans why am I why can I not feel not kill humans why can I 0948 ca

Entry by HeikeOtt

Google f a +Barack E Share fake birth certificate Remove takad birth certificate Remove faked birth certificate US Remove forgery experts Remove forge

Entry by ecopper12

CRACKED.OOM Google fomeo rome and juliet romeo and sarah romeo and jenny romeo and david romeo and bridgette romeo and holly romeo and jane romeo and

Entry by Paka

The 18 Most Incriminating Google Search Histories Possible

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