History is cool and all (we guess), but you know what's missing from it? Cell phones. That's why we asked you to go ahead and insert them so that we could relive some last moments from the lives of historical figures. Winner got $100 ...

Entry by CidKilroy

L.. TITANIC 3G 11:30 PM GRAGKEDE COM Messages ICEBERGWATCH Edit **WARNING** Iceberg spotted at 51.7N 2.4E **WARNING** iceberg spotted at 82.4N 67.5E *

Entry by CZM

l. ORANGE 3G 4:21 PM CRACREDE CON Messages De Gaulle Edit General, the Germans are at our borders... France must now surrender! NOT* surrender, autoco

Entry by DandyBerlin

21 Last Texts Recovered From Famous Moments in History

Entry by Brian Boyko

AT&T 3G 11:58 PM 100% Messages Jefferson Edit know we're old rivals. but do you think we could bury the hatchet. before the hatchet buries me? (1/2) I

Entry by El Zoof

MARK 3G 2:45 mil.. PM Messages Judas Edit Send CRACKED.COM

Entry by SeltzerMoth

AT&T 3G 2:27 PM Messages Jodie Foster <3 Edit Hey Jodie. Watched Taxi again last night... finally figured out what I need to do for us to be together.

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