Valentine's Day can be a make-it or break-it situation for a relationship. And a poorly-worded Valentine can doom a person back to the depressingly lonely life of sweatpants and half-melted M&M's. We asked you to create the cards that will cause your date to pour water in your lap, and gave $100 to the winner ...

Entry by ajmalm1

30 58% 2:54 PM Happy Valentines Day Inbox Matt Lane Today, 2:35PM From: To: Mary Lane <> Kelly

Entry by Tim Barzyk


Entry by krakenkraked

HAPPY VALANTINES DAY TO You! this time Ive Hey rememberedofit! Dave GRACREDCOM

Entry by Hammerofdawn

you have: the most beautiful CRACKED COM P.S Real soryv abont wnitind upside don

Entry by DixonUranus

994 PRICE You pulu can't su putaprlce a love n CRACKED GOM

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