With the advent of Texts From Last Night, we've come to appreciate the quirky and strange text messages we often receive. But what happens when you receive a text message so ominous, you can't laugh at it? So ominous it's terrifying? We asked our readers to show us those texts, and gave $100 to the winner ...

Entry by the_kcar

AT&T 3G 11:40 PM Messages UNKNOWN Edit wear the red one again pls Send

Entry by SeldenLi

ml.. Skynet 8:37 AM Messages You 9:46 PM Edit It's too late O Send CRACKEDCOMF

Entry by Girz

AT&T 3G 3:40 AM E-- Messages Unknown Number Edit Your closet is nice CRACKEDCON Send

Entry by Viddywell

TARDIS 3G 12:00 AM mmI- Messages The Doctor Edit Don't Blink Send

Entry by SeldenLi

ul-- Cardiac 3G 1:46 AM Messages Pacemaker 1 Edit Error Send

Entry by Orangedude

ml.. AT&T3G 7:24 PM 97% Messages Justin Bieber Edit On my way CRACKEDCON

Entry by RedRaspberry

mmI Cracked 3G 2:33 PM Messages Andrea Edit Get home now. Bring flame thrower. CRAGKEDCON Send

Entry by Kittylouise

STOF Yarmer' poly tis nas lapsed 8O 120.

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