The 28 Least Effective Public Service Announcements Possible


Pubic service announcements are the substitute teachers of the advertising industry. They start with good intentions, but the impossibility of their job quickly robs them of their will to change minds, or really to make any goddamn sense at all. We asked our readers to try to come up with PSAs even worse than the real thing. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by okenter

CRACKED COM ..sorry, liberals, / only believe in one true God... GAY and he doesn't approve of marriage! CURIOUS? Paid Sor o: Mefrooolfan ADVene Nefor

Entry by johnli27

CRACKED COM There are over 100 Car acoidents in e US Der day Stay within the speed limit! 75

Entry by thebreak

CRACKED cO COM In his early life, Adolf Hitler was a heavy smoker He used to smoke 25 to 40 cigarettes a day He eventually gave up the habit. view- in

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