There are web browser plugins and settings that do everything from block ads to convert every page to Klingon. But they still don't touch most common we annoyances. We asked you to show us what features would make browsing the web, videos etc truly tolerable. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by TachisAlopex

+You Search Images Maps Play YouTube News Gmail Drive Calendar Google file duplicate checker freE downioad Web Images Maps Shopping Applications More

Entry by Techn0crat

Welcomet Windows Internet Expioref aboutblank Bing Fevnrtes Wekeemel Page Safety Tools Select the browser to install It appears that you are running t

Entry by Nightfly

Update Status Add Photos/Video Had some delicious chicken soup for lunch! Now I'm settling down to catch up on Mad Men :) Public Post x Oh no, not aga

Entry by maluba

Safari File Edit View History Bookmarks Window Help Yahoo! Mail YAHOO! MAIL Auto-Snopes Activated arch Web Auto-Snopes has dete

Entry by johnli27

toronto duchamregion> allpersopals womenseeKngm Reply fa miscatentod srobbited 2 beatef Seeking something Amazing- 23 (Whitby) Rd Ae to end up in a re

Entry by HaywireLiar

mina 05 Feh 2013. 0:2:04 Like John said above. I cannot believe that I made $10.000 online working from home! www.bit/ir/rsewr324.0 Scamstop Complete

Entry by Torry

21 Web Browser Features We Desperately Need

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