For every calm, sound, rational theory behind what's going on in a photo, there are about 100 bat-crazy other theories that get more attention. We asked you to take some seemingly normal photos and show us just what is actually going on. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by zamor

Archives Congress White Houase Inauguration 7 Comments 'Death Star' petition White House rejects News USA Act Gun Congress to on Obama Calls on Contro

Entry by LordChicken

CRACKEDCO COM Looking away from the camera with disinterest Fabulous Hair Flannel Collar Shirt Conclusion:Obvious Hipster It's time for the American p

Entry by j21

CRACKEDcO Far too close to camera to T-shirt? In a have just been trripped in hockey arenan frant of the goal Face hidden rO camerr Where is his shado

Entry by alex_haydn

29 Conspiracy Photos Crazy People Will Be Forwarding Next

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