Some of the greatest movie scenes of all time require some pretty awkward moments off-camera. The famous horse head scene from The Godfather gets a little weirder when you realize that Robert Duvall had to sneak into the horse's stall, painstakingly saw its head off, tip-toe/drag the horse head up to the room and tuck it into bed with the sleeping man. We asked you to show us some other awkward moments that editing saved us from. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by Sarmentoso


Entry by PeterBanning

27 Awkward Moments Between Badass Movie Scenes

Entry by luvthecubs


Entry by KBABZ

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Entry by heyoka


Entry by DarrenJames


Entry by DarrenJames

27 Awkward Moments Between Badass Movie Scenes

Entry by reisseli

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