23 Instructional Signs That Must Exist in Video Game Worlds


The vast majority of video game characters we come across are only on screen for a few seconds. In that time they often behave in surprising ways that would suggest they're receiving instructions we're not privy to. We asked you to show us the signs that are giving them those instructions. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by Teh_Bucket

New Recruits 1. Move Left 2. Move Down 3. Move Right 4. Move Down Again 5. Repeat CRACKEDCON

Entry by Sef

FM 21-11 FIELD acties MANUAL al FIRST Beelng swpport AID 1 mingde FOR CPR SOLDIERS Pc Factures Locate MovE casualty dose enougn via pop to interact uP

Entry by jchedges

AEI VARIETY czvion! Srruti INSTRUCTIONS THE CITADEL'S #1 CONDOM FOR TURIAN TRUSTED 3,000 YEARS Carefully apply provided pads to avoid chafing. Awkward

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