Of all the things you see charted in elementary and middle school -- the human tongue, the color spectrum-- what to expect from romantic relationships would seem to be a pretty conspicuous omission. We asked you to show us the charts you wish you'd seen before you ever admitted to liking someone as more than a friend. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by Scarin

CRACKEDG COM Doing what you want Doing what she wants Doing stuff to get out of trouble

Entry by Roland223

And She's a O 1 2 3 4 5678910 a You're If 8 9 10 OCOUAWNHO Pretty standard Hey, personality counts for a lot You lucky son of a bitch You are rich and

Entry by PosCuicuiri

Time Spent in the Shower with your Girlfriend 4% Actuall showering 5% Attempt at Shower Sex 24% Successful Shower Sex 67% Discussion about peeing in t

Entry by donjeremias

CRACKED.COM U Co-Workers Female w about Sync N Cycles Complaining Emerge Emerges Annoyances War Hrs BFFS Trio Tension Petty Menstrual Cliques Turf 6 T

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