Christmas cards are usually designed to spread Christmas cheer, while subtly bragging about how well you and the family are doing. We asked you to show us the cards that would ruin Christmas for someone involved in that transaction. The winner (who will be getting a free trip to Los Angeles for the premiere of A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas!) is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by TheoSchmeeo

CRACKED.COM Merry Christmas, arling Greater joy no man knows Ever the nectar of passior The love we share that grows Thus I send you this Christmas Es

Entry by Roland223

CRACKED.COM Merry Christmas from the Smiths!!!! Instead of writing three pages about all the family's amazing accomplishments this year, we figured we

Entry by Hysterium

CRACKED.COM The Dicesans Meny Christmas the from Dicks

Entry by Csonny

CMemy hristmas Julie, Remember, Rudolph was basically a red headed stepchild and evenything worked out for him. -Your Step Father P.S. the cost of

Entry by BRWombat

CRACKED.cOM Joyful most arthis of yea.. Time Jesus Would os approve life your Christmas Merty

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