Writing for franchises is complicated. It’s a complex ecosystem where you coexist with a lot of other artists while obeying corporate masters. Sometimes a character is off-limits, or the actor who plays it isn’t available -- or you just plain don’t feel like using it. In that case, you can repurpose a different character -- or, being a creative type, just do what creative types do and creativify.

And that’s what this list is about. All the characters listed here got their start as second-rate substitutes (and a few even got stuck there).

The Boys Translucent replaced Jack from Jupiter. In the comic, a member of the Seven is an alien named Jack from Jupiter (a parody of DC'S Martian Man

Source: Screen Rant

Game of Thrones Talisa Maegyr replaced Jeyne Westerling. In George R. R. Martin's books, Robb Stark's downfall begins when he marries Jeyn

Source: FanSided

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Kira Nerys replaced Ro Laren. The creators wanted the Bajoran officer who had first appeared in The Next Generation to be t

Source: Screen Rant

Marvel Comics Firestar replaced The Human Torch. FoR the 1981 cartoon Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Peter Parker was going to be roommates with

Source: CBR

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