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Social media has completely changed the way we share and receive information, but a lot of fictional universes remain social media-free. And, to be fair, some stories take place before the socials were a thing. So we asked our readers to show us what familiar characters would have done with tools like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and so forth.

Now they just need to be shared.

Entry by K. Haeg

friencster H Home Profile Friends Photos Gifts Fun Just created my account! Where is everybody ? Shoutout 19 minutes aoc o View Al Activity Stream Who

Entry by Karen Jones

UItron[=_ CRAGKEDOON @TheRealultron Followers Following UItr on Following @Ultron4578966 Follows you UItr on Following @Ultron2345779 Follows you UItr

Entry by T. S. Obiech

CRAGKEIDON Boba Fett @BobaTheFett Well... SHIT! #Guessl'llBeHereAwhile 2:48 AM May 1980

Entry by bazooka

YouTube marvelous makeover Up next TO 1:16/604 0052 My SPECTACULAR Age-Defying MAKEOVER TUTORIAL in three easy steps 207242 vews Noy 12.2019 10K 238 S

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