15 Songs That Don't Mean What You Think

A lot of people never stop dancing long enough to really listen to a song, or its meaning is intentionally obscured because it’s too much of a downer to make you boogie.

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Social media is packed with wall-to-wall conspiracy theory nonsense. It's like literally anyone can come up with some random garbage, and a bunch of people will believe it. Or at least that's our theory. So we tasked our plasticians with coming up with wild, completely unsubstantiated conspiracy theories that will go viral on the interwebs.

And we gave cash to our favorite. Which is definitely part of our conspiracy to pay people for being smart on the internet.

Entry by Scott Laffey

Kenny Rogers was replaced by doppelganger. a The country music legend wanted to retire in 2006, but still owed Capitol Records three new albums. Rathe

Entry by Sonny Time

12 Weirdly Plausible Conspiracy Theories We Just Made Up

Entry by Mike Kohnke

YEARBOOKS Aren't really Printed for sentimental reasons. D t TheGovernment commissions them to have an annually updated catalog of every minor in the

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