18 Annoying Players You Can't Avoid In Multiplayer Games

18 Annoying Players You Can't Avoid In Multiplayer Games

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If you like multiplayer games, whether on- or offline, you'll learn very quickly that the worst thing about them is the multiple players. It's not the sheer volume of them. It's certain stock personality types who turn up in every type of game and ruin it for everyone. They're unavoidable, so we asked our readers to do the next-best thing: Name and explain them as collectible trading cards.

Here's what they came up with:

Entry by RayMav

CRACKEDCO The Freaky Casanova Basic Creature Really Basic Acts all tough and gentlemanly whenever a girl appears in the team. Starts to call her a b*t

Entry by mrlarry

The Invincible A player whose skill level is SO high, they can't be hit. Any hits that do land on them are obviously due to cheating, and will get the

Entry by Sonny Time

CRACKEDOON GT3 G73 23 0 000 000 S0 000 earsstr THE BOASTER This person will spend more time in a raid group linking their achievements and gear than h
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