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If you like multiplayer games, whether on- or offline, you'll learn very quickly that the worst thing about them is the multiple players. It's not the sheer volume of them. It's certain stock personality types who turn up in every type of game and ruin it for everyone. They're unavoidable, so we asked our readers to do the next-best thing: Name and explain them as collectible trading cards.

Here's what they came up with:

Entry by ZMannZilla

The Pro Amongst Casuals 1111 THE HOW Fo#! DID you 155 THAT?: Basic Creature Enters a random public match and berates team members that don't play like

Entry by Sonny Time

The Grim Reaper + 10 PURE EVIL Plays a healing class. Won't heal out of spite- will let the raid wipe because someone made a mistake. Favorite quote:

Entry by Danzy

Camper 2 player - Coward Like ghoul, the Gamper feeds a on the recently deceased. It lurks near cemeteries, killing characters as they resurrect. -R

Entry by Sonny Time

CRACKED COM 2019 The DJ & kOecin The DJ always plays bad music through an open mic, and \MVMORPG takes requests. The most common request is please tu

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