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Annoying people are unavoidable, and they come in lots of different flavors. So we asked our plasticians to come up with trading card-style memes to help organize irritating people into tidy categories. You should be able to recognize a number of these archetypes, just among the people you interact with in your daily life.

If not, it's quite possible you're the insufferable one.

Entry by GhoulGim

Lusty Wanderer Their entire personality is enjoying going on vacation Level 5 Yoga Master This'll make a great instagram story Race: White Class: Uppe

Entry by Erin Willis

OLIVER the OBLIVIOUS CRAuh Always Phone Snout in Stuck Totally Unaware of Surroundings Holds up line in store & restaurant Sits at gas pump long after

Entry by Erin Willis

THE 1 AKA: & One Upper Better Than Show Off Will always have a story just like yours, only better. Loves to name drop. Claims to have more money, bett

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