14 Terrible People, And Why You Should Avoid Them

We can't prevent irritating people from ruining your day, but maybe we can help you avoid them.
14 Terrible People, And Why You Should Avoid Them

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Annoying people are unavoidable, and they come in lots of different flavors. So we asked our plasticians to come up with trading card-style memes to help organize irritating people into tidy categories. You should be able to recognize a number of these archetypes, just among the people you interact with in your daily life.

If not, it's quite possible you're the insufferable one.

THE OBSTINATOR 10 The Obstinator is never wrong, even when they're wrong. Strength: Immune to facts. Weakness: Being ignored. CRACKED.COM
Lusty Wanderer Their entire personality is enjoying going on vacation Level 5 Yoga Master This'll make a great instagram story Race: White Class: Uppe
CRACKEDCON THE PERSONALIZER CHRONIC CONSPIRACY VICTIM The Personalizer takes DIM everything personally. SAD There are no accidents, everything bad tha
ARMCHAIR ACTIVIST Thinks Never spewing online leaves chair equals except to eat political Eco- activism. unfriendly snacks. a.k.a. Emo ji Activist CRA
OLIVER the OBLIVIOUS CRAuh Always Phone Snout in Stuck Totally Unaware of Surroundings Holds up line in store & restaurant Sits at gas pump long after
DRUNKUS ANNOYINGUS VODKA BEER SCOTCH TEQUILA WINE The one who drinks too much and spends the rest of the night irritating everyone and making too much
OPAOT DEBBY & DAN DOWNER AKA Negative Ned & Nancy TRAITS: Complainers Judgemental Unhappy Never Satisfied DOWNERS ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE
THE 1 AKA: & One Upper Better Than Show Off Will always have a story just like yours, only better. Loves to name drop. Claims to have more money, bett
CRACKEDc COM BLASTMAN Joins the Battle! -Will play music on his phone while on public transportation. - Doesn't know what headphones are for. - His mu
CRACKED COM PETER the PERVERT Creepy Stare Accidental Boob Brusher Lurks Nearby, but Hidden Hugs a Little too Long SeeMs to Have a Dozen Hands
HUMBLEBRAGGART THE BAD FRIEND v C Self-Absorbed Passive-Aggressive Humblebraggarts constantly boast about their lives in a way that pretends to be com
INTERRUPTIN' JUSTIN RUDE A LOT OF HAND GESTURES This person will interrupt your ALT MODE conversation and ramble 3 endlessly about anything l other th
CRACKED COM SCHRODINGER'S FRIEND When invited to anything, instead of giving a straight answer, he says, I will see. Forces you to both make and not
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