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One of the amazing things about watching a movie or a show is that you don't seem to notice when a character makes an idiotic desicion. And they do. Pretty much constantly.

So we asked our readers to use their chart-making sorcery to track exactly how dumb movie and TV characters can be. (Spoiler: Very dumb.) And we gave cash for our favorite chart.

Entry by masta_X

HOW TO DEVOUR MAIN ICHARACTERS Kingsman: The Golden Circle NO Is the YES protagonist cornered? Begin slow Continue approach mindless until chase. deus

Entry by catmint

The amme hero is powering up... Is their guard down? Yes! NO Are they wide open? Yes! NO Are they getting stronger by the second? Yes! NO Attack! Stan

Entry by RealChemical

GRAGKEDCON In a horror movie. Are any of the Is the killer inside doors easily of the house? accessible? Maybe? Not sure? Yes? No? Run upstairs and hi

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