Here’s How These 19 Shows Hooked You, Then Lost You

The real question is, why do we keep getting sucked in?
Here’s How These 19 Shows Hooked You, Then Lost You

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There are more TV shows now than ever, each one competing for your attention. And there's nothing worse than committing to a show, and then finding out it's garbage. We asked our readers to save us some time by telling us what motivated them to watch a show, and what made them stop watching. We're all in this together, right?

WHY I STARTED WATCHING A Million Little Things Actors I genuinely like. WHY I BAILED Manipulative, gimmicky drama out of the This Is Us playbook. CRAC
Why started THE WALKING DEAD watching: The Big Bad of Season 1 was a never- ending horde of mindless, flesh-eating monsters. Why I stopped watching: E
WHY I STARTED WATCHING FULLER House NOSTALGIA Full House was my favorite show when I was a kid. WHY I BAILED NOSTALGIA TOO MUCH Fuller House lacks the
CRACKEDo 1 3 REASONS WHY Why 0 started: The acTors are going through some stuff which teenagers like me can relate to. she's dead Why 0 bailed In seas
BOJACK HORSEMAN establishes itself using comedy and satire to explore depressionand alienation in the modernage... ..only to devolve into cynical clic
The first 5 episodes of Bodyguard were excellent. But, the mastermind reveal was a cheap twist and I couldn't finish the remaining 20 minutes. CRACKED
WHY I STARTED WESTWORLD It seemed that the show was going to explore the philosophical problem of consciousness: and question what it is to be human.
fR.l-E N.D.s I STARTED BECAUSE: THEY WERE RELATABLE CHARACTERS, WITH NOVEL QUIRKS. Socially Rich Perfect- Witty Naively Lovably Awkward Kid ionist Jok
WHY I STARTED WATCHING RICK AND MORTY BURP Mnr STARTED STOPPED I like absurd I find Rick's burps humor and SCIFI deeply unsettling
AMERICAN HRROR STORY Why I started: As a huge horror fan, previews made this seem as though it was custom-made just for me. Why I bailed: I've watched
THE WHY I STARTED WALKING DEAD It looked like exciting show about a zombie apocalypse. WHY I BAILED Nothing happens for 40 minutes and then every epis
TRUE DETECTIVE WHY I STARTED: Matthew McConaughey (an underrated comedic actor) really impressed me with his dramatic chops, making an already great s
MURPHY BROWN (2018) Why I started: Nostalgia. Why I bailed: The swipes at Trump are SO clumsy and preachy. CRACKED.COM
What made me watch A clip showing STAR WARS REBELS: Ahsoka Tano is now in the Rebel Alliance and learns Darth Vader is her former teacher What made un
WHY I STARTED ARRO WATCHING It's GREEN ARROW! He's one of DC'S unsung badasses! WHY I STOPPED: Too much brooding No curly blonde Van Dyke beard Not ev
I put up with bad writing for three years, because I loved seeing new, fresh takes on the fairy tales... ONGE UPON A TIME ...but apparently the powers
WHY I ISTARTED SOUTH PARK WATCHING Shocking, hilarious stories The rejection of faccepted social norms Thoughtful, nuanced takes on hot issues WHY I S
CRACKED.GOM DEXTER WHY I STARTED It seemed to be a psychological suspense drama exploring the mind of a serial killer. WHY I BAILED: MY DAD IS
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