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Hollywood is insanely formulaic, we all know that. What people might not know is how formulaic the decision making behind the scenes is. So our readers put together these simple charts explaining the thinking behind Hollywood's creative process. Hell, they probably break out these exact diagrams in high-level meetings.

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How to make a new network sitcom! yES laugh NO track? Is Chuck Is anyone from Lorre free? The Office free? NO YES YES NO Reboot something from the 80s

Entry by Adam Nixon

CRACKED.COM Is there a well-known and well-liked property at the studio's disposal? NO... Yes! Acquire one! Could a secuel be made? L Yes! No... JL Sc

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CASTING A MAJOR STUDIO MOVIE ABOUT A TRANS CHARACTER Hold Auditions Audition a single trans actor Hire a cis actor But there are lots of great working

Entry by Sonny Time

Can we make money outside of the movie? Yes No Will we ATMAN LEGO make AVENGENS any 7-14 money malans from this film? Yes No Go for it! Pass. CRACKED.

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Is the character's race integral to the plot of the movie? Cast a no white yes person! Is there a Cast a Fine.. big-nam no cast -name more-or-less a w

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