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It's a common fallacy that life in the past was somehow easier, more carefree, and people were happier. Life has always been complicated, frustrating, and full of problems. It's just the specifics of the ways those problems play out that has changed.

For example ...

Entry by PollyDarton

No one just talls to ceachother any morel

Entry by Buttersnix

It used to be time consuming to write OCLOPEDLA BOCLOPEDLA IENCYCLOBEDEA CLOPEDLA CCLOPEMA ENCYCLOBEDLA book reports: you had to go to the library, ac

Entry by OkMeatFood

CRACKEDCON 1923 Sears, Roebuck CATALOGUE I mailed the order form. THRIFT BOOK OF A NATION Should be here in only 6-8 weeks No Prime?! I HAVE TO WAIT M

Entry by MarkFox

Rationing: 92% 22:05 YES- MOBILE DATA USAGE Apr 18 GB Used COMPLETE 20 GB Warning VICTORY IF YOU EAT Apr 1 May 1 LESS BREAD The data usage is measured

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