26 Much Better Versions Of Overrated Movies And Shows

26 Much Better Versions Of Overrated Movies And Shows

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Have you ever thought to yourself, "I'd really like to watch a hilarious sitcom about geek culture, but the only one I know about is terrible?" Well, you're in luck. We asked our readers to show us much, much better versions of famous movies and shows, that you should definitely check out.

Entry by kunal_ansh

Vampire Diares In need of a series with better supernatural drama and more deadly fights for Vampire crazy love triangles? THURSDAYS Watch True Blood.

Entry by sadcrayon

of boring tired shows? superhero marvel british comedy try this offenders about young abilities with supernatural MIS FS

Entry by kunal_ansh

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL HOUSE of CARDS Looking for a series focusing on something more than political drama. say .... romance? Go watch The Tudors. THE TUD

Entry by Kevin King

Looking for a show about elusive creatures, where the team actually finds the damn things? FINDINC BIGFOOT WATCH MOUNTAIN MONSTERS It's basically a pa
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