19 Highlights And Lowlights In Celeb Careers

Not every role can be the Tywin Lannister of your career.
19 Highlights And Lowlights In Celeb Careers

Not every film gig is going to win celebrities all the coveted awards, we get that. However, there are some roles that show up on their resumes that just make us wonder what kind of drugs they were on when they accepted those jobs.

For example ...

Lawrence Kasdan HIGH LOW Star Wars: Episode Dreamcatcher (2003) V- The Empire Wrote and directed Strikes Back (1980) the Stephen King Wrote the screen
Dennis Hopper High (possibly literally) His performance as psychopath Frank Booth in David Lynch's 1986 fil'm Blue Velvet Low His jaw- droppingly atro
High: Ray (2004) Foxx received the Oscar for Best Actor. CRAt 81% ITETTL Jamie Foxx Low: Stealth (2005) Suffered one of the worst financial losses in
MALCOLM McDOWELL Clockwork Orange (1971) Disturbing and thought provoking. CCATUPTED FRESH 90% STANLEY KUBRICK'S matoes OIORE RACE 93% liked it 30%
Sylvester Stallone Rocky (1976) HIGHA Not only did Sly Stallone, write, direct and star in Rocky, but he also took home two Academy Awards forBest Act
Johnny Depp High BLACK MASS (2015) CRAUN A crime drama based on the true story of the most infamously violent and psychotic criminal in South Boston's
19 Highlights And Lowlights In Celeb Careers
Roberto Benigni LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL (1997) - Best Foreign Film - Best Actor PINOCCHIO (2002) - Worst Actor - Worst Director
Sharon Stone High BASIG INSTINCT Stone received considerable praise for her performance in this 1992 neo-noir thriller. Box Office: $352 Million Low B
Hugh Jackman HIGH Prisoners (2013) A tense thriller about a desperate man searching for his abducted daughter. LOW Movie 43 (2013) He plays a guy who
CRACKEDCO Kit Harington GAME OF HIGH THRONES 2011 Present Jon Snow Please, don't die (again). Please, don't die (again). LOW SLENT 2012 HILL REVELATIO
HIGH Monster's Ball 2001 Oscar winner for best actress HalleBerry in a leading role Catwoman 2004 Razie winner for worst actress LOW CRACKEDcO
SANDRA BULLOCK, 2010 Saturday, March 6 Sandra Bullock collects a Razzie Award for her performance in All About Steve bd Sunday, March 7 Bullock collec
Considering his poignant-yet- hilariously-over-the-top career high performance as troubled teen Layne in 1986's The River's Edge, Crispin Glover shoul
Tim Robbins COATIRTED FRESH 91% 15% Tmatoes High: Low: The Shawshank Howard The Duck Redemption (1986) (1994) Nominated for Nominated for seven Golden
HIGH The Silence Captivating of the subtlety Lambs of Dr.Lecter (1991) Anthony Hopkins The Bunker Phenomenal (1981) goofiness of Hitler LOW CRACKED CO
HIGH FOR DESTRUCTION APPETITE debut album Top selling spawning of ALLTIME, 1987 #1 singles- FOUR GUNS N' ROSES Axl brings An out-of-breath the 2002 LO
19 Highlights And Lowlights In Celeb Careers

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