Not every film gig is going to win celebrities all the coveted awards, we get that. However, there are some roles that show up on their resumes that just make us wonder what kind of drugs they were on when they accepted those jobs.

For example ...

Entry by Mozartella

Roberto Benigni LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL (1997) - Best Foreign Film - Best Actor PINOCCHIO (2002) - Worst Actor - Worst Director

Entry by Aidan1488

CRACKEDCO Kit Harington GAME OF HIGH THRONES 2011 Present Jon Snow Please, don't die (again). Please, don't die (again). LOW SLENT 2012 HILL REVELATIO

Entry by Vincent Pall

Considering his poignant-yet- hilariously-over-the-top career high performance as troubled teen Layne in 1986's The River's Edge, Crispin Glover shoul

Entry by Scott Laffey

HIGH FOR DESTRUCTION APPETITE debut album Top selling spawning of ALLTIME, 1987 #1 singles- FOUR GUNS N' ROSES Axl brings An out-of-breath the 2002 LO

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