There are a lot of appropriate ways to respond to a news story. You can send condolences when something tragic happens. If it's related to politics, you can have a fact-based, reasoned discussion. If it's about Channing Tatum, you can talk about how great he looks without a shirt on.

And then there are a lot of dumb ways to respond to a news story. These are those ways.

Entry by jnw1970

CRACKEDCON Mary @CHRISTIANLADY1979 I'm not praying for Japan, I remember what they did at Pearl Harbor. 0LM9O NEMT L0 HETW

Entry by Sonny Time

Steve Scalise Among 4 Shot at Baseball Field; Suspect Is Dead MICHAEL DSTAR ADAMCOLDMANaNdEMILY COCHRANE JUNE 2012 X ARealperson Follow RELATED COVERM

Entry by Scott Laffey

The 1Vashintgton Times HOME NEWS - OPINION - SPORT HOME NEWS NATIONAL Grand Jury Clears Alabama Cop Of Wrongdoing In Student's Death POLICE A Universi

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