There's nothing the Internet loves more than Rube Goldberg machines. They're actually the perfect physical embodiment of corporations, the thing the Internet hates most, since they take as many steps as possible to get very simple tasks done.

We asked you to show us what it would look like if the world ran like that.

Entry by AM Smiley


Entry by Sulaco

If Everything Operated on Rube Goldberg Logic

Entry by Simp

CRACKED.cOM. ME LIFE O0S How Babies Are Made Andre C Andry and Stecn Schepd Blustrated bey Blake Hampron

Entry by mightyzamfir

e CRACKED. de dess 's eigel. HOM RS R P nt, THE FASTEST DOORBELL EVER MADE! E Only 20 minutes! Constructed using only the finest steel, wood, twine,

Entry by JonChacon


Entry by 3pwidget

Got all your overly-complicated machine needs? Well then answer me this content chum; does at lexst one of your machines runon gerbil power? Yes, as I

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