11 Texts That Would Ruin Your Life In Less Than 1 Sentence

These are open to a lot different interpretations. None of them being favorable.
11 Texts That Would Ruin Your Life In Less Than 1 Sentence

The words "For sale: baby shoes, never worn" are often considered to be the shortest, most depressing story of all time. But now that we live in the age of text messaging, people deal with more depressing scenarios generated by even less words.

For example ...

CRACKED COM AT&T 30 12-00 PM Mesaages D 760 Unknown You've Eot been Power recalled. down. D Send 4
AT&T 3G 11:37 AM 85% Messages Maury Povich Contact Guess what iMessage Send CRACKEDCON
4L 738 AM En AT80 Girifriend Messages bit me. just guy Some Send CRACKED COM
THE END 6:18 PM EA 30 AT&T IS Mesos right. He's NEAR! CRACKED CO COM Send
AT&T 3G 7:16 AM 85% Messages Unknown Contact L told you I'd find you. Turn around. Send GRACREDcoSaGE
...00 TreeNet 05:00AM 779 WWF Important online # Chickens are extinct 05:00AM Wotsou CRACKEDCON
Unknown Hi, I got ur # from Adoptees Birth Parent Search Services, Inc. 6:23AM Enter message Send
AT&T 3G 1:10 AM Messages Boss Edit OOPS Send CRAGKEDCON
mI- Fox.net 3G 12:12 AM Messages Fox News Edit Trump elected. Send
11:33 Jenny's Dad 480-867-5309 Where is my daughter? AL Enter message CRACKED COM
SAMSUNG Jenny 480-867-5309 They found it. 11:33 AM CRACKED CONT

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