Losing Keys Is An Old Person's Game

If you're tired of constantly forgetting your keys, locking yourself out, or just using a system that's literally ancient, you can do something about that.

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There's a lot of harsh realities of life that people just don't want to face. But people also love to look at pictures, especially if they think they'll be smarter for doing so after.

So that's why we're combining the two. In an effort to adequately prepare you for life, and also to fulfill some of our court-mandated community service, here are some charts that'll make you a better person. Or a more cynical one, depending on how you view the glass.

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14 Simple Charts For Teaching Children That Life Is Hard

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Entry by CZM

What the What you believe world owes the world owes you you CRACKEDCON

Entry by CZM

LIFE KNOWLEDGE OVER TIME 80% How much you know about life How much you think you know Knowledge about life Life 0% O 20 40 60 80 CRACKED.COM Your Age

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Taking Things Personally Thingsyou take personally for no reason Thingstha are actually personal GRACKEDCOMT

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Your Financial Roadmap The life The life you you want can afford Crippling debt GRACKEDCON


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