15 Movies That'd Be Better From The Villain's Perspective

15 Movies That'd Be Better From The Villain's Perspective

Movies are kind of biased, you know? We're pretty much told from the get-go who the hero is and who the supervillain -- and those roles are reinforced throughout the movie until the conclusion.

And that doesn't seem fair. Because, like, what if the bad guy is actually more of an "all right guy" who's in a pickle or something? Maybe nobody just gets him, you know? Well, we're here to do justice to those "evil doers" that people just probably don't understand.

Entry by Danzy

CRACKEDCON Being the adventures of two doctors whose principal interests are curing the youth of London of ultra-violence. STANLEY KUBRICK'S LUDOVCO N

Entry by Opus52


Entry by Danzy

STEVEN SPIELBERG BIFF Presents TANNEN'S SHITTYW WEEK A ROBERT ZEMECKIS Fim All he wanted to do was take the prettiest Girl in school to the dance... T

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