17 'Real' Headlines The Media's Too Afraid To Write (2/12)

17 'Real' Headlines The Media's Too Afraid To Write (2/12)

Finding the truth in a news story is often an exercise in futility. It's there, but the amount of effort you have to go through to get to it makes you want to kill brain cells by looking at crazy shit on the Internet instead.

Luckily for you, our readers have taken this week's popular headlines and stripped them of all the bullshit so you can quickly digest all the important stuff and not take time away from befouling your Internet history.

Entry by mkad

After twelve years, conservatives again ready to be infuriated over Super Bowl halftime performance CRACKEDCON

Entry by foxjasond

DEADSPiN CRACKEDO Johnny Manziel: No longer funny to laugh at, now it's just depressing. Timothy Burke Yesterdey 9750 ied 0. JOHNNY MANZIEL 30.3K 118

Entry by LightStop

CRACKEDoO Living nightmare to be milked for nightmare juice O 25 January 2016 Australia 3 2 Australin nRecle Park Big Boy will be milked for his veno

Entry by mrlarry

INDEPENDENT News Voices Culture Lifestyle Tech Sport Appeal CRACKEDCON News People Someone has been put in a position where they can nominate people f

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