14 Awesome Initiation Rituals For Ordinary Jobs

We'd be eager to drive dangerously at high speeds too if we were trained to treat it like a carnival game.
14 Awesome Initiation Rituals For Ordinary Jobs

When dealing with certain professions, a situation inevitably arises that makes you throw your hands up with that give-me-a-fucking-break-with-this-guy look on your face. And afterwards you're only left with questions as to how these idiots got employed in the first place.

Well, maybe these people aren't truly idiots. Maybe it's the result of a larger issue -- one that goes straight to top and involves the whole organization. We asked our readers to use the power of image manipulation to show us what's really going on with these people. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

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14 Awesome Initiation Rituals For Ordinary Jobs
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14 Awesome Initiation Rituals For Ordinary Jobs
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