As we've pointed out before, the movies are full of magical products that exist only to make the world around them less boring and easy to follow.

We asked you to show us what the ads for some of those products might look like. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by BRWombat

EXPLORERS ARCHAEOLOGISTS. TREASURE-SEEKERS Need light in that cave? YOU CAN RELY ON RaTORGh! Guaranteed to light- no matter how many centuries have go

Entry by Spiraldog

Ordinary 01-28-1111:24AM Surveillance Camera J0 Soft Timestamps! Pannsone alll 09-04-99 2:16 PM Multiple dramatic angles for cinematic. experience!! I

Entry by Ted E.

CRACKED.COM Don't just shoot 'em! Do it with STYLE using... JOHN Woo's PERFECTLY Timed DOves Add little a spark to life's most DEADLY moments! Dramati

Entry by Kothre

The CRACKED.cOM Bullet-Regenerating Perpetual Revolver amaY run dry when it'll make life exciting to do sO

Entry by diluded000

Psycopath Sensing Automotive Starter Detects axe weilding masked Reliable starter can detect agressors and prevent men, spouses apeshit, your car from

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How Human Evolution Will Adapt to Modern Gadgets.

We're going with two contests this week. Contribute to the one that catches your fancy, or submit to both and double your chances of winning. Post your entries in the forum. The winner gets 5,000 pennies.

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