Everybody has a breaking point. And while most quietly rage and conjure up heroic revenge fantasies while they shower, some people just let loose because they are simply out of fucks to give.

Which got us wondering: How would big companies respond when they've finally had enough? We asked our readers to use the power of image manipulation to show us and gave money for the best entry ...

Entry by McBeefy

CRACKEDCON There are people who don't blame us for their financial shortcomings. FORECT We call them WINNERS. FULL FlE F SAL POKER Gambling problem? C

Entry by Mozartella

Try our new Healthy Mealt! M McLettucem Carrot StichsM And a water of your choice. M McDonald's CRACKED

Entry by Mgloss

CRACKED.COM TAKE THE EDISON OFF- GRID CHALLENGE THIS JANUARY... WWe wil pay yoU $500 to go offgrid for the full month of Januar Do it. See how you

Entry by SaniOKh

This channel's owner has been complaining about not being able to monetize his reviews and Let's Plays because of our ContentID system and made severa

Entry by McBeefy

CRAGREDO We put warnings on our toys about small parts, but maybe passing Optimus Prime's head can also teach a valuable life lesson. Hashro It's not

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