For as long as it's been a thing, we've worshipped the ground famous people walk on. Whole websites these days are even dedicated to everything about them -- who they're dating, when they aren't wearing underwear, when they buy their own groceries like a normal person. It's obscene.

But what would life be like if we never cared about their money or all their fancy toys? Like if we just treated them and their jobs like it was nothing? We put that question to our readers and gave cash money for the best entry.

Entry by queen lol

18 Ways The World Would Change If Celebrity Culture Vanished

Entry by usernamenazi

CRACKED cO ARE JUSTIN & SELENA MATING? Go to TIGER the ZOO AD beat LAUT WIN SELENA'S whatever SELENA CONFESSES: I'm not purrfect!. Who stole Taylor'

Entry by Danzy


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