If Every Website Got A Dramatic Movie Adaptation


Now that the Social Network is out there profitably telling the story of Facebook, it's only a matter of time before other websites get their time on the silver screen. And while it'll probably be another year or so before we work out the kinks of "The Time-Traveler That Boned Me: The Cracked.com Story," we can't imagine it will take that long before we see the next "Website: The Movie."

We asked you to show us what they might look like. The winners are below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by Ted E.

S ANDRA BULLOCK They Tried To Silence Her... They Failed! Did She Enjoy The Jalapeno Poppers At The Downtown Applebees? The World Must Know! yelp CRAC

Entry by Sara J.

Today. sent my boyfriend texct saying HI His response: got your best friend pregnan FML. Today, came home worry about FMyLife anymore. really your hea

Entry by w3zmeriz3

If Every Website Got A Dramatic Movie Adaptation

Entry by AgentCoop

If Every Website Got A Dramatic Movie Adaptation

We can only imagine how high the Incredible Hulk's pants-buying budget must be, or how hard it must be for Hellboy to open a tube of toothpaste. Show us everyday difficulties other fictional characters must surely face when they're not on screen.

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