Texting is quickly becoming the manner in which people spell out the details of the horrible shit they've done. Which, we're not really sure why seeing as how most scandals these days are happening because of some sort of leaked electronic form of communication. Still though, people are dumb sacks of meat and poop and keep barreling along the same path.

That's why we asked you to show us the exchanges famous folks probably had right before shit hit the fan. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Scott Laffey

...00 Sprite 11:48 AM 50% Messages Mayor Nagin Contact Today 8:32 AM Ray! Why have we waited SO long to evacuate the city? New Orleans is under 20 ft

Entry by tusk1113

mI.- JMobile 3G 7:00 AM Messages JC Edit Dude, I just made $30 Sweet! How! All I had to do was kiss a guy... Wait a minute... Yeah about that, my bad

Entry by JPK

II_- Iphone 3G 2:33 PM Messages Robert Durst Edit Are you bringing your wife to the dinner party? I haven't seen her in a while Killed them all of cou

Entry by Mgloss

sal.. Horizon 3G 4:01 PM Messages Jerry Edit Hey Mike, how's the new standup routine coming? Good! Pretty happy with it. You want to walk through it w

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