For the most part, college brochures are a large pile of bullshit. Between the borderline stock photos and the super, cheerleader-y text, it's hard to believe that the school is being totally honest with you. Lucky for you we're here to help and show you what these pamphlets should really be saying.

Our readers were charged with the task of bringing you the most honest school brochures imaginable. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by BigBro

CRACKED.COM THE UNIVERSITY W WISCONSIN MADISON Both of our black. students posed for this photo

Entry by Sonny Time

If Colleges Were Forced to be Honest About Themselves

Entry by Robberry

CRACKED COM F F UJ These Friendships are formed out of convenience and Won't Last After Graduation

Entry by Sonny Time

Today's Student Athletes ... Sports University Tomorrow's Leaders U 5 About 1% of college athletes go on to play professionally, and that's probably n

Entry by ironical

CRACKEDCON Ce wida emghasis *yenas stbethet suaaanlen sen4y st peresees te bee Vmnee 345 MAMARIR Die A4D #pEDA #4 tbendtl ANTHE wwryd ot MYTH Cxe Aese

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