Facebook Fails of Iconic Fictional Characters


The internet loves watching people fail at Facebook almost as much watching people fail at physics. We asked you to show us what it might look like if Facebook turned against some of our favorite characters from pop culture. The winner is below but first the runners up.

Entry by maluba

facebook Search Jean-Luc Picard Friend Requests Edit My Profile Eight of Twelve Confirm Ignore Resistance is futile. Welcome News Feed Messages Three

Entry by anguy044

Andy Davis is off to college! Thank you everone who's help me come this far. :] 3 hours ago Comment Like Sherrif Woody So long parter. 3 hours ago Buz

Entry by BeeJ22

facebook Search Waldo *Spoiler Alert* lolz 3 hours ado dlear Wall Info Photos Video Photos of Waldo 301 photos View Comments CRACKED.oM

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