The internet loves watching people fail at Facebook almost as much watching people fail at physics. We asked you to show us what it might look like if Facebook turned against some of our favorite characters from pop culture. The winner is below but first the runners up.

Entry by AgentCoop

Ora1 DCAITE 301 10 Leia Organa medal ceremony today. i'm so hung over from the party last night 1 can't find one of the medals. oh well. 34 minutes ag

Entry by Tim Babb

facebook Search Friend Requests Find You Friends ut of this town! on Geoundhoe Day cinar Ned Ryerson Confirm Ianore 0 mutual friends Events Ned Ryerso

Entry by TheoSchmeeo

News Feed Top News Most Recent What's on your mind? Oedepus Er;i. Yjod jsd nrrm S ytshov fsu/ Mpnpfu djpi;f ;rstm ejsy O ;rstmrf ypfsu. Dyo;;. O yjoml

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