19 Wonder Drugs We'd Actually Like to See


Look, we're all for making sick people feel better, but "wonder drug" is way too awesome a phrase to be wasted on mere healing. You say those two words together, we want at least one super power, even if it's one of the bad ones.

We asked our readers to invent some pills that might actually deserve such a name. The winners are below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by Ted E.

Does she close her eyes Is there tenderness anymore like before when you kiss her lips? in her fingertips? You've lost it... Bring it back! That Feeli

Entry by Saleanares

CRACKED.cOM You have gained +1 life! Your life has increased to: 1! life Now go outside. having 3 Gfe grants you exclusive bragging rights. Your life

Here's an example from elsewhere. Graph for us the unexpected ways we spend our time playing a given video game, with our significant others, doing everyday activities, whatever. Remember, even though they're graphs, looks still matter. The best entry gets $50.

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