There's plenty about the past of the human race that baffles people. But baffles in the good way -- the way that leaves you filled with awe and wonderment. We will not baffle future scientists in that way.

As our illustrious plasticians are about to show you, no doubt future scientists will wonder what kind of idiots they descended from ...

Entry by Danzy

Bruioo Ulayyr ArA0 Bruce Americds Wayne s Greatest Inventor CRACKEDOON

Entry by Perusse

The Apollo 1 Rocket failed to launch due to weight of the building material used. Subsequent rockets were not constructed from stone.

Entry by elendirl

American Dragon Chinese Dragon 1993 A.D. 1244 A.D. CRACKED COM

Entry by meter_filler

A wome hao9 #413 Mark of the Beast 20th century antichrists salivated upon genetically fit child sacrifices for service to their satanic lords at blac

Entry by jucama776

LEGOWALKING Did Know? you Archealogists think that Legowalking SI a rite of pasnage into adulthod. one teaching that pain come in littles irregular, f

Entry by Robberry

In The Early 21st Century... RFGER opd Uehicles FUCK-NUT Had Genders? CRACKEDCON

Entry by ironical


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