We all know sex sells. Unfortunately, some advertisers take that idiom to frightening new heights.

Our readers show you the future of this depressing trend. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by DandyBerlin


Entry by Sonny Time

You're crumby in bed, but totally worth it. CHEEZT

Entry by Mgloss

Amanda Lindsey Nieole In Hollywood, who gets blown more than US? ALCOLOCK Nobody. R ALCOLOCK

Entry by LilySprite

D B Bes N West Mand A Jerry Hoag GL Don Fe-et 4 DISTRICT CLERK FORD.A. W CRACKED COM

Entry by 404notfound

coton The Fabric of Our Lives CRACKEDCON

Entry by valmont

Scotch You make me sticky all over! Scotch 1 Vinyl Electricat Tape Baban isatant es ievie Cimta helries e winila 22 rs thir f emce CRACKEDCON

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