Surfing The Web in China After The Google Conflict [COMIC]


First Google decided to turn historical safe-search off on the Chinese government, then China makes Googling impossible. The months-long information hose fight between the search engine giant and the plucky up-and-coming global power has made us wonder on more than one occasion what the Chinese people must be saying as they try to procrastinate at work. That's where you came in.

We asked Nedroid to start things off with a bare bones comic that you could modify as you pleased. The $50 winner is below, but first the runners up.

Entry by Ted E.

CRACKED.cOM Follow the white rabbit. Dude, what's this all about? What the hell does that mean? It's probably a virus. You should just ignore it 62

Yeah, those gadgets look cool when they're used in some cartoon or sci-fi blockbuster, but wouldn't be so much fun in the hands of the dumbasses who inhabit reality. Show us all the ways fictional technology could go wrong in the real world, the best Photoshop gets $50.

And head over to to see what Nedroid's comics look like when he's supplying the words.

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