Melbourne, Aus.

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Sean Warhurst
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April 17, 2010

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I write as Mikepattonfan. Sometimes I use words to make jokes.It's funny how neither of the words 'Protractor' or 'Contractor' have anything to do with my position on how I feel about Tractors.

Interests include Comedy, predominately stand up, Filming poorly made skits, editing, Drawing, although my patience for this has eroded to the point of near nonexistence over the years, hence a lot of 'Artsy' stick figures, reading, writing, Skateboarding horrendously, Mocking any sport that's unfortunate enough to appear on my TV, Literally disintegrating every pair of panties in an eight mile radius whenever I sling on my guitar and summon forth nebulous shredding licks from the dark lord of hair metal, Chthuluh... You know, average stuff.

6 Insane Batman Villains You Won't See in the Movies

We all know that sooner or later, the Batman movies are going to run out of interesting villains to feature and will be forced to start scraping closer to the bottom of the barrel. Whoever they end up choosing, we hope it's not any of these guys.

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