Hans has just had his Halo Reach idea published. Once again thought provoking ideas, like Naked Cortana and setting campers on fire pave the way to riches and internet fame. He plans to use the money to buy a better box to sleep in and Skoal.

Boom Goes the Dynamite as Hans thrills readers by comparing the I-phone to Boobies. While it may be accurate to say Hans has never touched either, you'd never know it from this hilarious piece.

Hans has once again set the Webs ablaze with his scorching hot infographs of Wonder Woman. Listen to these reviews.... "that sucked" "meh" "that sucked" and "die in fire you fag" - Of Course we all know that the interwebs are all about Opposite day which means it rocked like the Eagles.

Hans Solo is the Author of the Oral Sex topic page. To this day it still ranks in the top ten Cracked topics of all time. Even though Hans has no actual knowledge of the subject matter, the article opened to rave reviews in the Omaha World Herald and several truck stops in the Florida panhandle.

Prior to this, Hans penned The Soprano's Topic page article in late July. This was a subject near and dear to his heart as Han's bears a striking resemblance to the series star; James Gandolfini. Except Mr. Solo is much fatter, balder and has a voice like Alvin the Chipmunk.

Solo's first solo effort was the Halo topic page. Hans had played the game on multiple occasions and even killed several aliens in one encounter. His expertise on this subject comes shining through in this thought provoking read.

Hans Solo is also an accomplished artist in his own mind. He is a frequent participant in Cracked Photoshop competitions and has already been included in several prominent showings including his own blog and numerous message boards he frequents.
His first effort in the topic genre was adding some shopped pictures to a really good tome on Led Zeppelin.

When he's not slaving away attempting to be funny, Hans enjoys long walks on the beach with his pet ferret, Doritos and monthly personal hygiene.

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