Huricane Country?

Real Name:
Tom Courtney
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May 15, 2012

About Me

My Top 10:
10. Slightly inappropriate questions
9. Justified Awkward Silences
8. Serving revenge at room temperature
7. The ability to point out plot holes in reality
6. Being underestimated
5. Most Interesting Man in the World quotes
4. Teaching small children Metallica songs
3. Top Ten Lists
2. Overthrowing dictators in hilarious fashion
1. Being Batman

Bottom 10:
10. Top 10 Lists that start at 1 and go up to 10.
9. People who don't do something because it is "lame"
8. Douches of all kinds
7. Overdone Japanese culture
6. When people think remakes of classic songs are new
5. How Hollywood ruins things
4. Corporations
3. Comic book snobs
2. People misquoting awesome lines
1. Not being Batman

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