'Solar Opposites' Trailer Pretty Much Kills It

Is this the next 'Rick and Morty'? So far so good.
'Solar Opposites' Trailer Pretty Much Kills It

Rick and Morty is only for high IQ individuals and the deepest of deep thinkers or so the infamous copypasta goes. But hopefully Justin Roiland's new show, Solar Opposites, will be accessible to us mere mortals because the trailer looks rad as hell.

It appears to be a family-style animated sitcom, which we've seen plenty of times before -- Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob's Burgers, etc. -- but is about a group of aliens that easily could have been plucked straight out of the Rick and Morty Universe. (It's almost like we're getting one of the shows that Rick and Morty were watching on their inter-dimensional cable box.) The concept of aliens living among humans is also something we've seen plenty of times before, like with ALF, 3rd Rock From The Sun, and Friends (We're on to you, Gunther). Yet, from the moment we see the alien father zap a guy in a wheelchair into having fully functioning robot legs, only for those legs to march him off into the ocean, we realize that this show is going to be something unlike anything we've seen before.

Whether Solar Opposites fully actualizes it's potential remains to be seen. If we harken back to the aforementioned copypasta, you'll see the fandom credits much of Rick and Morty's success with Dan Harmon's genius. It's actually about the only sensible notion from that block of text. Dan Harmon is a tremendous storyteller and losing him from the equation could mean that Solar Opposites is doomed to fall flat.

But based on the jokes in the trailer like one where the teen alien proclaims, "I can't go to prison! I don't have a butthole. How will I smuggle in treats," I think we'll be just fine.

Top Image: Hulu

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