11 Jacked-Up Historical Grounds for Execution

North Korea executed people for watching the wrong TV shows.
11 Jacked-Up Historical Grounds for Execution

Welcome, dear reader, to a list of the most appallingly ridiculous reasons people and groups have been executed throughout history. From gifts gone wrong sparking a war, to a dentist being killed for saying a mango was like a sweet potato, to a man being executed for having sexual relations with animals, this list is sure to shock and horrify you.

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Throughout the ages, people have been executed for all sorts of reasons, from treason to drug smuggling. But the executions listed here are particularly egregious, as the reasons for them are so absurd and unjust. As you read through the list, you’ll be amazed and appalled at the lengths some would go to in order to punish those they deemed to be wrongdoers.

So, without further ado, let us begin our journey through the dark and twisted history of executions for the most appallingly ridiculous reasons. Prepare yourself for a disturbing, yet fascinating, look at the lengths some will go to in order to enforce their laws and beliefs.

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