13 Actually Pretty Funny Celebrity Commercial Appearances

The rare occasions where celebrity commercials got some audible laughs.
13 Actually Pretty Funny Celebrity Commercial Appearances

Hmm, that was actually pretty funny. What a pleasant surprise. Look, we’ve all thrown a healthy (and warranted) amount of eye-rolls at a commercial’s feeble attempt at comedic relief. They took a stab at comedy, bless their copywriting hearts. An even tougher task was having famous people (who aren’t normally known for comedy) deliver the jokes. But, good on everyone involved, because the project elicited some audible chuckles! 

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When it comes to hawking products, comedy is right up there with sex appeal. Even the most straight-laced, white bread companies feel the need to equip their ads with a zinger. Heck, because of Geico, every insurance company is out there competing for the funniest possible commercials, and comedic actors are lining up around the block to be involved. For 99% of “funny” commercials out there, all any commercial actor needs to master is their awkward high five. It’s our era’s “slipping on a banana peel,” and, celebrity or no celebrity, it seems to be the only way to button a commercial. Not these diamonds in the rough though. These 13 celebrity commercial appearances were actually pretty funny. 

Tide’s got the entire advertising industry pegged.

Funny Celeb Commercials DAVID HARBOUR's It's a Tide Ad. The 2018 Super Bowl commercial had Harbour parody every type of commercial out there. The not-so-subtle jab at commercial tropes and Harbour's dry delivery are spotless. Sorry. CRACKED

Procter & Gamble


You’d never think of Tim Robinson as a truck commercial guy, but it really worked.

Funny Celeb Commercials TIM ROBINSON's Dodge RAM commercial Dodge really leaned into Robinson's absurd sketch comedy style with a slew of horrible products for him to scream at. Something he does so well. CRACKED


Ram Trucks/YouTube

Hey, Tim and Eric. Awesome ads. Good job!

Funny Celeb Commercials California ODOR BLOCKER adidas 1 TERRY CREWS' Old Spice commercials That initial run of ads where Crews screams at us in the shower were directed by Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, so of course they were completely bonkers and hilarious. CRACKED

Procter & Gamble


Two tickets to Ryanville, please!

Funny Celeb Commercials RYAN REYNOLDS for Hyundai In Ryanville, where everybody looks like Ryan Reynolds, Ryan knocks another Ryan to the ground and shouts, In my face! That's a pretty funny joke right there. CRACKED



One highly unlikely comedy duo.

Funny Celeb Commercials BRUCE WILLIS & FRED ARMISEN Hug it Out For this Honda Super Bowl ad, Willis actually delivers a powerful car safety message that asks viewers to appreciate the people closest to them. It slowly pans out to reveal Armisen tightly hugging Bruce, and his quirky, overzealous smile gets us every time. CRACKED



This ad could easily be an SNL sketch.

Funny Celeb Commercials SETH ROGER, PAUL RUDD & BOB ODENKIRK's Samsung ad This almost five-minute ad has Rogen and Rudd hurl countless jabs at each other while competing for a spot in a Samsung ad. Odenkirk asks them to wear a diaper, and pitch a rap, before LeBron calls and clearly gets the spot. It's an entire sketch. CRACKED



Bowie channels his inner Eddie Murphy.

Funny Celeb Commercials DAVID BOWIE for Vittel Mineral Water Не plays every one of his musical alter egos-Ziggy Stardust, Thin White Duke, Halloween Jack, and more. Costumes and all. The tagline Chaque jour une vie nouvelle means A New Life Everyday. CRACKED



Two ads with one Moon.

Funny Celeb Commercials WILL FERRELL's Bud Light (and Semi-Pro) ad IUD HATT BU LIGH As Jackie Moon from Semi-Pro, Ferrell does his classic line-o-rama where he rifles off funny lines like, Drink Bud Light or I'll kill you with the wrong end of a basketball. CRACKED



Snickers struck comedy gold with those “You’re not you when you’re hungry” ads.

Funny Celeb Commercials BETTY WHITE & ABE VIGODA for Snickers If you've got Betty White and Abe Vigoda getting brutally taken down in a muddy football game, we'll be there with a chuckle. CRACKED

Mars, Inc.

Best of the World/YouTube

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