13 Weirdos Who Method Acted Too Close to the Sun

Maybe don’t go method.
13 Weirdos Who Method Acted Too Close to the Sun

Want to suffer emotionally and physically while simultaneously annoying absolutely everyone else on set… Try method acting. That was our late night infomercial pitch. And honestly, method acting has a lot in common with late night infomercials. On the surface, they both seem like a great idea, but it’s so rare that anyone’s happy in the end. We get it, you’re playing another person, so trying to “become” them kinda makes sense. But when the director says cut, and you keep pretending you’re an 1860’s gang member, you seem like a complete sociopath. How is anyone on set supposed to relate to you? Just go back to your trailer and stew in your insanity.

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Eye rolls aside, these actors actually did real damage to their mental and physical health. It’s near impossible to feel bad for them though. Losing 50 pounds for a role is one thing (and commendable on some level) but contracting a near-fatal Staph infection from not showering for months is just straight up irresponsible. Your fictional character is filthy, not you, you silly multimillionaire! For that and a slew of other harmful cases, here are 13 weirdos who method acted a little too close to the sun.

Streep’s last attempt at method acting.

METHOD MADNESS THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA MERYL STREEP as Miranda Priestly Her performance was Oscar nominated, but she said it was the last time she'd ever attempt method acting. It was horrible. I was miserable in my trailer. I could hear them all laughing... I was so depressed! CRACKED

20th Century Studios


Shia, no one wants your tooth. They would like you to shower, though.

METHOD MADNESS FURY SHIA LABEOUF Не pulled out his own tooth, even though no one asked him to. In his method acting, he got overly confrontational with the cast, and refused to shower for weeks. Brad Pitt confronted him about his attitude and distracting odor. CRACKED

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Vanity Fair

Yes Kate, method acting as a Nazi might have some psychological blowback.

METHOD MADNESS THE READER KATE WINSLET as a Nazi After portraying a concentration camp guard, Winslet admitted that it took her months to recover from the role. It's like I've escaped from a serious car accident and need to understand what has just happened. CRACKED

The Weinstein Company


As long as he didn’t waste a seeing eye dog’s time.

METHOD MADNESS SCENT OF A WOMAN When AL PACINO went blind While filming, he claimed to actually be blind. Не tripped over things that he couldn't see, and he sent Chris O'Donnell a letter saying, I couldn't tell what you were doing because I sort of never saw you. From what I've heard, your performance is outstanding. CRACKED

Universal Pictures


When Clint Eastwood is worried, you might just wanna take it down a notch.

METHOD MADNESS HILARY SWANK's near death experience MILLION DOLLAR BABY ORNADOS She months, and gained days 19 pounds of pure trained six week for three a muscle. A huge blister on her foot developed a Staph infection that doctors said was mere hours from reaching her heart. CRACKED

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Tattoos, Rooney. Not piercings.

METHOD MADNESS THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO ROONEY MARA's many piercings To play Lisbeth Salander, Mara bleached her eyebrows, chopped off her hair and had her eyebrow, lip, nose, and nipples pierced. She also learned martial arts, skateboarding, and motorcycle riding. CRACKED

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Daniel… You can stay in character in a warmer coat!

METHOD MADNESS DANIEL DAY-LEWIS GANGS OF NEW YORK Не caught pneumonia after refusing to wear a coat between scenes (since those coats didn't exist in the 1860s). Не said, I will admit that I went mad, totally mad, and the role was, not so good for my physical or mental health. CRACKED

Miramax Films


Regulating your blood sugar is a thing, Ashton!

METHOD MADNESS JOBS ASHTON KUTCHER Steve Jobs was a fruitarian,living on a mainly-fruit diet, and Kutcher replicated this. His wife Mila Kunis said, Не was so dumb. Не ... only ate grapes at one point... We ended up in the hospital twice. With pancreatitis! It was really dumb! CRACKED

Open Road Films


Yeah, we’d dump his ass too.

METHOD MADNESS THE PIANIST ADRIEN BRODY as a Holocaust survivor The already thin actor dropped 30 pounds to play Holocaust survivor Wladyslaw Szpilman. Не gave up his apartment, sold his car, and disconnected his phone, so his girlfriend at the time dumped him. CRACKED

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